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Wednesday, September 18, 2013




- Since, July 31, 2013 - I have been having computer/software problems. The reason I know it was July 31, 2013 at 7:24 PM DST is because that's when my computer auto-downloaded some new and improved crap from Microsoft - so I could enjoy the Microsoft experience better!
I had pings and dings going off in every speaker. I watched as boxes piled on top of boxes providing error message after error message. Each being smothers by the next, having only a second to inform and then, BAM! disappearing into the unknown abyss of software code.
I panicked. I began shut down procedures but it wasn't fast enough - the damage had already been done. Microsoft had raped and pillaged my system and I had no idea what to do!
HP, MS and Google all became combatants in their need to survive. HP said, "I can fix it"; Windows said, "Believe HP Not - only I can fix the problems because I'm the more trusted brand; Google, well, poor Google - it's pictures were all askew and the numbers . . . it was horrible, some big, some small, it was like a train wreck or an auto accident you just can't look away from.
So, I put Google out of its misery and uninstalled it. I was sorry to see it go. We'd had such a great relationship for so many years but  . . .  all the pretty ponies.
Somehow, on that fateful day,  IE10 got downloaded too (gee, I wonder how that happened, MS?) And, it seemed to be pushing Mozilla/Fox like a drug pusher on a dark city corner, and I was in need of a fix.
So, I installed it. OMG Armageddon! HP refused to work with it - just refused. So, I thought, "fuck you HP and bye bye'. But that didn't solve my problem. HP insisted on being let back in - and without my knowledge crept in through seams I thought sealed.
I was in flux! Nothing was remembered, nothing stored! I didn't know my passwords - that was Google's job and every time IE popped up to ask if I wanted to remember a password - it just made me sad that I no longer had Google, my trusted work buddy, my memory, my  . . . everything.
Three days with Mozilla/Fox and one of us had to die! The absurdity, the extra crap it put on my toolbar, how it recklessly invited other toolbars to 'come on in, she won't mind', the endless questions regarding pop-ups . . . and where the fuck were all my passwords - why was nothing remembering them. I don't care when you delete my file history, I shouted,  I just want my password to Twitter! I just want to communicate with those I know on Google+!
So, I uninstalled it! I pushed those keys with impunity, my fingers pounced on the 'yes' box, when asked "Are you sure?" I was never more sure of anything in my life! (Sidebar: is anyone else annoyed with the phrase "are you sure?" like I am. Each time I say, Of course I'm sure dumbass or we wouldn't be on this page!)
By uninstalling Mozilla/Fox I was able to obtain my Google+ connections again. No more was I waiting and watching the tiny circle going round and round in the endless pursuit of an event that was never going to happen!
So now, some things work, other's not so much. I've taken my computer off the 'god is good' shelf and placed it on the 'first thing I'd destroy if the world was ending' shelf.
I no longer view the mega-conglomerates as deity's of intelligence - Now, well . . . here's an example:

You get in your car that is spotlessly clean and meticulously maintained, by you. You put the key in the ignition, turn it and it is suppose to start -- when it doesn't you take it to a mechanic who says:
      "Yeah, lady, it's not the security code number - like the machine says, it's the tailpipe blowing the air out of the combustion chamber too fast, so you'll need a new windshield."
Computers have stooped to that level and just like cars,  you never trust a thing they say. When I went for help ( and they tell me"Error code 0x80073b01 can only be fixed by removing and reinstalling MSEI.exe and so you do that and a new error code 0x8004FF81 pops up telling you - NEVER MIND ABOUT THAT FIRST FIX you need to do this now! AND, you're running an old version of MSEI.exe which needs to be updated. Then when you go to do that - that function is not available.
After several scathing messages to MS (which they never got because 'that function is not available, either) I've simply decided to live with It! 
Besides, I think the true culprit involved in throwing me and my computer's balance off the razor's edge, is the piece of shit HP C7280 Printer.

It won't print because the ink cartridges (which are full BTW)  have 'expired'! Additionally, using expired cartridges will void my warranty . . . are they kidding????  EXPIRED? INK IN A CLOSED CONTAINER DOES NOT EXPIRE!!! As for the warranty -- really, did it ever really have one? I mean really? We all know you don't mean what you say, when you print that 'Warranty' information.
Frustrated though I am,  my final admonishment is to and for, myself - for not just picking up a pencil and a pad of paper or finding a cheap thrift store typewriter . . . but then I'm back to the ink!
Dog chases tail.
Until next time . . .

Saturday, August 3, 2013


I'm in the business of selling books  . . . You?

Here's my philosophy: 



On August, 10th, I will delete my account on FACEBOOK. 

WHY? is in the details below, which is what I'm attempting to circulate on FB, but it all boils down to my basic philosophy (above). . . . . and Morality. The choices one makes: goodness; and always leaning towards doing right, basically being honest and fair in all aspects of your life.

It's unfortunate, Facebook doesn't feel the same way!

For those interested, here's why I'm done with FB:

I created, what is below, as a complaint in the area of FB that takes those (who knew?) I attempted to post, and each time I was prevented. *Magic*

You should also know, last week I sent a scathing email to the marketing dept. at FB . . . no response! *surprised? no!*

**** This isn't exactly my FB post - I update or improved information, a bit. ****


FB is running ads for women's health products i.e. wrinkle removers, diet aids, etc.

These ads all lead to the same India call center. One of their phone numbers is 887-731-6185, they have dozens, hundreds (maybe) of them.

Radiant Labs/ Phoenix Labs/ Sheridan, Labs/ RVTL /Equinox / /enfacelift /NEW-MIRACLE-FRUIT.COM-DIET. (NOTE: Today, 8/3): They are running a different ad today, with yet another web link!)

ANY Internet ad you see with Oprah, Dr. Oz, or any celebrity, or a wrinkly-face ad - RUN, AVOID, THESE ARE ALL SCAMS OUT OF THE SAME INDIA CALL CENTER!


  1. You call the call center to or a sample or trial of (for me) wrinkle-reducer. A person (with an Indian dialect) says his name is: Richard Martin, or Brian Robert, or Austin Patrick or Warren (with no last name). 
  2. You can also order online - which is what I did!
  3. You order the product and have 14 days to call and cancel, the cost to you $4.95.
  4. HERE'S WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW: They create 2 accounts! #1 acct. is for the product/sample you ordered. The #2 acct. is for the product they are sending along with the product/sample/trail, you've just ordered, the one you didn't order.
  5. You call in and cancel your interest in the product (because you realize it is crap).
  6. They give you a confirmation number, here's mine 007214055M. Real enough? I thought so too!
  7. HERE'S THE RUB: I see next bank statement: deducted, using 3 transactions, $209.95! Here's how that breaks down: An additional - $4.95 (for the product, I didn't order); $99 (payment for the product, I didn't order); $105.95 (for additional shipment of the product, I didn't order)!
  8. So, I immediately call the company (India) and get Tom, Rick or Steve. I give them my confirmation number, then, Tom, Rick or Steve says: "Oh, yes, I see you cancelled the 'trail offer' but you didn't cancel your 2nd account!"
  9. I don't have a 2nd account! I said. Now, gullible me, I'm thinking just a mix up and they will see their error and return my money, 'no problem'.
  10. Tom, Rick or Steve says: "I will cancel your second account right away, but I cannot refund any money, because you didn't cancel your account in time and you've received more product!"
  11. AT THIS POINT, YOU ASK FOR SUPERVISOR! Surely, that individual can clear up this ridiculous incident.
  12. 'My supervisor is not here. He's gone for the afternoon." 
  13. Me: Anger rises! Get me his boss, and when you tell me he's not available, then get me his boss until you end up at the fucking chairman of the board!
  14. Another person calling himself a 'senior agent' gets on the phone.
  15. "The only thing I can do is . . . wait for it . . ."Refund $75.00, but I can't do that until you send the product you've just received back."
  16. IT GOT UGLIER FROM HERE! After my rant (which was actually, refreshing) I concluded my call and opened my browser.
AFTER RESEARCHING THEM, I got back on the phone!

I have reported this company to State of California Attorney General's office; reported it to USPS; reported it to the Secret Service and finally, filed a complaint at (this last one is specifically for INTERNET RIPOFF/SCAMS.

IS FACEBOOK SO F'N DESPERATE THAT IT NEEDS TO TAKE AD DOLLARS FROM RIP-OFF SCAM ADVERTISERS? (Friday, August 2, FB closed at $38.05 up .56 - 1.50% increase.)

LOOK UP MORE COMPLAINTS AT -- the amount of scammed money reported, will amaze you!

In the U.S. - If anyone else has been scammed, (by any Internet scam), file complaint at - demanding the bank or CC company. Banks must return fraudulently obtained/stolen/unauthorized funds back into your account.

The UK and CAnada - You must have similar agencies -- If you don't know how to find, just   file a report on

That is basically it. Except that I've contacted a firm that handles class action suits - they are excited and considering all the options.

**** End FB post ****

If you feel as I do, then take action and vacate the vitural premises of FB, too! Join me on other sites, where you can sell your wares/novels without being associated with criminal advertising activity and those who support it!

If you think I'm just stupid and ranting over my idiocy when 'everyone' knows' those things are SCAMS? Please enjoy your roll in the mud with FACEBOOK!

Nothing ever changed, without change!

Until next time . . . .

Update: 5:49 PM  Pacific

This was a comment I received on FB and my answer! You have no reason to believe me, but I'm not really this horrible and my statement was off the top of my head, and then, I hit 'enter' to add a paragraph, instead . . . you know, its out there!

  • Sue Walsh Sorry, but no I won't spam my friends with your ridiculous rant. It sounds like you fell for some ad promising to erase wrinkles or something and now you're angry and blaming Facebook. Seriously, suing Facebook because of a stupid ad? Most people just use the ad blocker on their browsers and don't even see them. You really think there are no scammy ads on Google? Look at any site that has Adsense ads and you're bound to see a quite a few. What will you do next? Sue Google for having scammy sites in their search results or Adsense ads? Sorry you got scammed but it's not Facebook's fault. It's your fault for being gullible. Live and learn and then move on.

  • J.p. Dumont You, and people like you, are exactly why scammers succeed! Your acceptance rivals your stupidity which is ultimately compounded by your complacency! Instead of wanting a better life - you lap this crap up with a ladle! I'm certain you are extremely use to the mud . . . oink.

Sunday, July 28, 2013


The much anticipated final installment of the tale of
 ordinary people who survived the viral pandemic that killed most of the animal-life on Earth,
continues in the October release of

J. P. Dumont's
The Journey Trilogy
Book 3

Only available here, an excerpt from

 The Journey Trilogy 
Book 3 OCEANS - What We Make It

Excerpt from Chapter 4 

Sarah reached for the door and pulled.
Four armed men stood in her way. Two were the ones who’d kept her from leaving before, joined by two more, each looking equally lethal.
Sitting behind them, was another man in uniform, who seemed to be in charge.
“Let me introduce myself, Dr. Jones”, the man said without looking up.
“I’m General Mason.”
He stood up, still without looking at her.
He extended no hand, or cordial greeting. His arrogant demeanor spoke volumes and was well-schooled in intimidation.
“I’ve listened to Dr. Roslyn and now I’m going home.”
Sarah pushed attempted to pass by the armed men.
“No, Dr. Jones”, General Mason began, “you will not.”
On his silent command, two soldiers grabbed Sarah by the arms, tightly.
“Let go of me!” Sarah demanded.
“You see, Doctor”, the General began.
“This isn’t a visit.”
General Mason walked to the exit door which seemed to automatically open for him.
“Bring her.”
Sarah screamed and struggled, demanding to be let go.
Her distressed voice could be heard by those on the street as people started running toward her.
Jack was among those who ran toward Sarah’s abduction.
One of the men, who tightly gripped Sarah’s arm, lifted his sidearm and pointed it at the crowd.
Jack stopped.
“We are detaining Dr. Jones, indefinitely”, the General addressed his remarks to Jack Cooper.
“Jack”, Sarah pleaded, “stop this!”
The soldier now pointed his pistol at Sarah, bringing Jack and everyone else to a halt.
“Watch over Ruth,” she screamed, her eyes roaming the growing crowd.
Tears covered her face as she was pushed into the Hummer and driven away.
Jack ran to a motorcycle, and within seconds, was in pursuit.
He raced after the vehicle even though he saw a multitude of automatic weapons pointed toward him.
Jack never heard the rifle shot or the popping sound the tire made when a bullet decimated it.
Suddenly, his motorcycle flipped and was sliding across the asphalt. Jack was skidding and tumbling, as he felt bone and muscle twist. Jack’s skin lost the battle with the road, erupting in blood which cooled his road-burned flesh.  
Bloodied and barely conscious, Jack could see the vehicle, containing Sarah, pulling away.
Sarah was still cursing and screaming when they arrived at the airport. Tears of anger drenched her face as she struggled against restraint.
She was yanked from the Humvee but continued to struggle to get away. She knew if they managed to get her on the plane . . . she might never be seen again.
A man with a hypodermic walked calmly up to her and injected the needle into her neck.
Sarah went instantly limp and was dragged onboard the helicopter.
Jack lay sprawled on the road, slipping in and out of consciousness.
His body felt broken and he was unable to make it move.
He could hear the whining of the helicopter engines accelerating. He struggled to lift his head, to see the military convoy take off. He watched until he couldn’t see it anymore.   
His eyes closed to blackness.
Lydia had been in town with the girls, visiting and picking up butter and milk from the dairy.
She heard the commotion and immediately tucked the children in the butter room, before stepping outside to take a look.
She saw Sarah being forced into the Hummer and it speeding away.
“What’s going on?”
A few minutes later, she heard and saw the helicopters flying away from the airport.
Lydia gathered the girls and ran over to the diner.
Loud emotional filled voices filled the café.
Flo saw Lydia coming and hurried to meet her.
“This isn’t for the kids”, she said sweeping Allison out of Lydia’s arms while taking Natalie’s hand taking them to the adjoining room.
Rex ran into the diner and up to Lydia.
“I need your help!”
With those few words, he turned and ran back outside.
Lydia followed concerned with the blood covering his clothes.
Parked out in front of the diner was a Humvee.
In the back was Jack, bleeding and unconscious.
“Take him over to the vet’s office”, Lydia instructed.
“I’ll go in and get some help carrying him.”
Rex drove across the street to the unused veterinarian office. Lydia ran back inside the diner.
Motioning and yelling for Bubba to follow her Lydia went back outside. Both Flo and Bubba came out. Lydia instructed Bubba to go help Rex get Jack onto the exam table of the veterinarian’s office.
Bubba ran across the street and down the alley.
Rex was waiting for him, with the now, semi-conscious, Jack.
Lydia asked Flo to send someone out to the house to get Jed. She told Flo, “Tell Jed to take care of the girls and, under the circumstances, tell him to find a place in town for the night.”
Lydia paused to catch her breath.
“It might be best to have everyone come into town considering this newest development.”
Lydia left Flo and ran to tend Jack’s injuries. She suspiciously wondered what involvement he’d had, in the day’s events.


The Journey Trilogy Book 1
 The Beginning - Pena Spring

The Journey Trilogy Book 2
 Discovery - Angel's Wood



Your comments are always welcomed . . . until next time.