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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Are you Prey or Predator?

Basic Human Instinct

Makes You Either Predator or Prey

Trayvon Martin was just a regular, normal 17-year-old, when he was killed. He was a young boy on the cusp of manhood. And, he was waiting, as I, and I imagine everyone of the age did/does, he was enduring and biding his time, until he would be an adult, with thoughts of living by his own rules!

If Trayvon Martin felt anything like I did, (and I believe we all experience much the same feeling)  at 17 . . . I imagine he felt an instinctive biological need, which drove overwhelming feelings of fearlessness, indestructibility, a hormone-infused anxiety, personal moral discover, along with a fierce need to have his place and opinions at the adult's table!  

Like I was, he was probably feeling, that rush to grow up; just starting to push boundaries of what he'd known or been taught; experimenting and experiencing new and exciting emotions, with a new way of thinking about rules, school, his relationship with his parents, friends, girls, talents, intelligence  . . . the list goes on and on. 

At 17, I believe, we all, begin to question everything, dream of the future, imagine ourselves accomplishing our goals, dreams, and along the way, finding the answers to what we think important. 

George Zimmerman, at 28-year-old, was having his own biological crisis of need. His need was to hunt and prove himself with hopes of gaining recognition and approval, of his peers, people, his pack, his tribe. 

In this, the 21st Century, his need to hunt, found approval and recognition in a safe neighbor program, Neighbor Watch. His position as the leader, gave him an increased sense of worth, inflated his ego, garnered him real or imagined respect. Enabling him to fulfill his biological need . . . to hunt and prove primal male worthiness.

Sadly, a Sunday night in February, George Zimmerman's primal instinct or caveman-mentality,  took over producing the heart pounding, adrenaline high his primal self needed. He stalked, struggled with and then, killed his prey.  

I believe, both, young Trayvon Martin, and George Zimmerman, experienced a collision of dominating primal instincts. The instinctive male imperative driving every man, the deep seated, auto-programmed response written into every man's DNA . . . breed, hunt, kill, conquer.

Primal instincts human beings once needed to survive and flourish, has no place in TODAY'S INTELLIGENT HUMAN SOCIETY.

Humans evolved into the most INTELLIGENT species on the planet! Yet, continue to allow the most instinctive and primal reactions, to direct interaction with one another.

In my opinion, the death of Trayvon Martin wasn't about the color of his skin or his hoodie, but the result of primal reactions to FEAR! 

For Trayvon Martin's killing, you are all to blame, all complaisant and all guilty of fear-mongering. You, everyone of you, who allowed this fear; who don't stand up and say 'this is wrong, for fear of retaliation'; who are unwilling to be kind, offer a helping hand, or smile and say, 'hi' to a young man in a gray hoodie -- YOU SUCCUMBED TO YOUR PRIMAL FEAR. YOU PASSED THIS FEAR ALONG, ENCOURAGED IT, FEEDING IT WITH YOUR IGNORANCE!

YOU provided the avenue for George Zimmerman to kill Trayvon Martin. And, then YOU blamed race as the cause. YOUR FEAR ignited his most primal need, the male need to stalk-hunt-kill!


I had retched parents . . . and, I was determined to be the opposite of them. Anything, you can possibly imagine, any brutality, any abuse, I endured at the hands of my parents. My father was outspoken in his ideology of all races, other than Catholic whites. 

He spared no one his prejudicial views, he'd say . . .
  • "I'll give them niggers their rights . . .  their rights to a knuckle sandwich." 
  • "I like niggers, I think everyone should own one or two." 
  • "Those fucking Japs and chinks shouldn't be allowed to sell their crap here in the good old U.S.of A. America shoulda dropped enough bombs, to kill all of them."
  •  "Indians (referring to Native Americans), are nothing but lazy drunks, looking for their next government hand-out. They should be rounded up and put back on the reservation."
  • Or, this gem, "Hitler had it right, let's kill all the Jews and judges and pass some, white . . . I mean right laws."
I turned 18, and got as far away from them as I could . . . and never looked back!  
Which means it can be un-taught.

I made a conscious effort to teach my child that racism, bigotry, prejudice for any reason . . . is wrong! 

I taught her these lessons because I thought we were all doing it! 

I thought, the 60s and 70s and the teachings of Dr. King and laws enforced  by the Kennedy Brothers, along with those who marched, fought and died for civil rights and equality, meant we were all moving in one direction, together to preserve what had begun!

I thought choosing intellect over stupidity, was our common ground.

I honestly thought, I had a responsibility to teach my child these lessons and enforce that environment.

But, the violent protesting, resulting in injury and property damage, was fueled by, what? Race? DNA? Hatred? Boredom? The Media? The Government? Ignorance? Stupidity? 

The Answer is: YES!

I believe the shooting of this handsome young man, was the result of everyone living in constant FEAR of everything! Fear set events in motion that killed one and ruined another.

I believe we can stop living in FEAR

 . . . and believe Trayvon Martin deserves a positive legacy . . . 

I believe his LEGACY could be:

To talk to our kids about Trayvon and about human biology and what it is capable of making them and others, do. 

And, for everyone to simply decide to bring an end to racism and prejudice.

And to understand, FEAR is a weapon, learn to recognize it and know it for
what it is . . . manipulation!

This is what I told my daughter:
Never hate people for the color of their skin,
get to know them, then love or hate them based on who they are!


Hey, I know this reads simple, trite or naive.  I know the sort of change I would have would damage the global economy, for there is no profit in peace, honesty and friendship. 

I have no expectation that society, or you (reading this), will open arms in a communal embrace of acceptance. 

I understand the world isn't fair - a lesson I learned very early in life.

I understand 'real' equality may never be achieved.  

But, as an intelligent progressive woman who is middle-aged, un-apologetically white and fearless . . .
I ask, each one of you; each race; each organized group; each religion . . .
  • "Why not? Why are you against evolution?"
  • Why can't we try?
  • "How many deaths will it take and who's child dies next until you see how stupid this behavior is?
  • "When, which generation will be the first to value and treat each other better? 
  • "What are you afraid of? Do you know why you fear it?
  • When will FEAR stop ruling you?
We are intelligent enough to look at, past and present, human travesties, and just say, stop!

If you read this and rolled your eyes? You (no matter your race or schooling level) are a stupid fucking idiot and morally share the responsibility, for the death of this young man. 

If you read this and want or wish it could be so, (no matter your race or schooling level) you have evolved and please, feel free to drop in, anytime. You are always welcome!








In my opinion, a mental evolution needs to occur. 

 Trayvon Martin by

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