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Friday, July 5, 2013


I began this morning with the intent of writing a blog titled: "My Last Six Months of Hell!"

Then I changed my mind. 

As I mentally reviewed the last six months, (something I typically like doing) I'm not sure what made me get up each day! Well, other than the pain of aging and the need to be vertical.

So, I started looking for something that would take me off the edge of the cliff and back on the trail of successful happy living!

I found my reason . . . in my email.

Here it is:

Greetings from Customer Discussions,

Because you requested to be notified when people posted in the "Oceans" discussion in the "J. P. Dumont" forum, we are sending you this e-mail.

Jul 5, 2013 5:52:17 AM PDT

Mary C. Hug says:

I too would like to know IF there will be a third book. I really loved the first two and feel a little sad we haven't been able to read the last installment.

Mary C. Hug is referring to the 3rd book of The Journey Trilogy - OCEANS, which hasn't been released yet. 

My other books, along with other comments, can be found on Amazon. Here's the link (this should get you close)

OCEANS has been sitting on the proverbial (computer) shelf for the last two years.

Why? Hmm?

I could say I was waiting for someone to ask for it! Or, I could say I've been busy writing some other stuff and just haven't gotten around to it! Or, I  could say I not sure it's done! Or, that it needs additional editing . . . or,  excuse, blah, blah, blah!

Though those, and many others, are true, it's not the whole truth.

The truth is . . . . fear and ego!

As all writers experience, you have fans and detractors. And, though you wouldn't think so, both are equally damaging.

A writer who receives rave reviews, agonizes over the release of the next book and how it will be received.

Detractors, seem to be waiting in the wings, ready to pounce. And, as we all know, negativity breeds negativity which is especially difficult for anyone in a creative industry.

And, then there's sales figures! Let's not go there! Suffice it to say, a writer rarely makes back in money what has been put into it in blood, sweat and tears.

Finally, the time it takes to promote a book. Social media makes it somewhat easier, but it is time consuming which means I don't get to do what I like to do, which is create characters and tell their stories.

So, that's my conundrum. It's probably not new or even news, but now that Mary C. Hug (and other) has asked, I will release the 3rd book.

Now, this is not an excuse, but I will have to read it, again (since its been a year or so since I last touched it). But, after that I will release it and answer all the questions regarding the The Journey Trilogy.

So, to answer your question, Mary C. Hugs - "Thanks for asking and yes, there is a 3rd and final book."

I'll keep you posted . . . . and as to my Last Six Months of Hell? I'm hoping to turn it into a tragic comedy! In time . . . . .

Until the next time  . . .

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